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Before you take your DOSHA test, please read this. Please note this test is not meant for diagnosing or analysing a disease. The test is based on Ayurvedic Body Constitution or Dosha Imbalance that causes ill health.

According to Ayurveda, your body, mind constitution can be Vata (Movement or Air), Pitta (Heat or Fire) or Kapha (Water or Earth). These three basic 'dosha's are called Prakruti.

"Prakruti" is the basic body and mind constitution. According to scriptures, your prakruti was decided when you were conceived and your parents genetic prakruti and constitution affects your dosha too. Dosha includes physical characteristics, emotional qualities as well as your spiritual and lifestyle preferences.

We are said to be healthy when our doshas or Prakruti are in a balanced state. Any imbalance in our body constitution causes imbalance. This could be temporary imbalance due to season, travelling or flu. Or, it could have resulted from years of stress, eating a diet not suited to your constitution or imbalanced lifestyle. To give you an example, yogurt and probiotics are considered excellent for our digestive health, and they are. However, they are only excellent during certain seasons. During winter or rains, they may be harmful for a KAPHA constitution according to Ayurveda.

Then we refer to Prakruti as Vikruti or instability. This imbalance is what constitutes todays' test of BODY CONSTITUTION.

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