Stress Relief Spray

Spray around yourself to cleanse your aura, negative energies, blockages and open your chakras. Filled with essential oils of jasmine, rose, orange, and spring water; this spray has already been energized by Mantras and energy healing.

Spray at night around your pillow, before going to bed.

Can be used before a difficult meeting, prayers, sleeping, before a yoga session, or, before a Meditation Session.

Made of essential oils of Chameli, Mogra, Rose, Sandalwood, in a coconut base - this spray will not only act as an all natural room freshener without chemicals, but, also help in cleansing your soul ans uplifting your spirits. Great in Spas, Panchakarma sessions.

This spray can be customized as well according to your tastes.

Price: $4.99
SKU: Sntspry010