Ayurveda for the Eyes

Ayurveda for the Eyes

By: Dr. Sonica Krishan

The eyes are quite rightly expressed as ‘windows of the soul’. And one among the best boons bestowed upon us by Mother Nature is the sense of sight. Out of the five main senses known to our sense organs, the sense of sight is the most venerable and at the same time highly vulnerable. It is a pity to find so many youngsters, even small children hiding their charm being the thick glasses. Although we can blame the declining vision due to a number of factors like heredity, lack of nutritious diet, improper reading posture, over-viewing of the idiot box, and both physical and mental stress and strain.

Some signs of failing vision:

You could be losing your eyesight in case –

· There is difficulty in seeing especially the far-off objects.
· When the distant objects start appearing rather blurred.
· When you have to intentionally strain your eyes in recognizing familiar faces and objects once they are at a distance.
· Watching television soap or reading continuously for some time tires your eyes and often triggers off a headache.
· Perhaps there is frequent watering, itching, heaviness and burning sensation in the eyes.
· Headaches and sensitivity of the eyes becoming a common feature.

What Ayurveda believes:
According to Ayurveda philosophy, ‘Drishti dosha’ or the failing vision problem is believed to result from nervous debility and also from long lasting ailments of constipation and common cold.

Care of the eyes is mandatory:

Daily eyewash with rose water, cool water, cucumber juice is excellent for sensitive eyes. As daily routine, eyes need to be washed with cold water. It is also suggested that prior to this act, the mouth be filled with water. This would make the eyes protrude out and better cleansing can be accomplished.

Other than this, local applications of medicated Anjanas have been recommended so as to keep the eyes clean and eye vision sharp.

According to Ayurveda, our eyesight is the product of Agni or the fire. Therefore it is particularly important to save the same from phlegm.

Recommended therapy for defective eyesight:

The line of treatment in case of this malady is undertaken in accordance with the cause of failing vision. As mentioned earlier, the root cause in most of the cases lies with habitual improper evacuation of the bowels as well as chronic cold and congestion. Therefore, powder of the three Myrobalans (Aamla, Harad and Baheda) is used both for internal as well as external purpose. Other drugs of choice like Mahatriphla ghrita, Yashtimadhu churana, Saptamrit Lauha etc may be taken after consulting an Ayurveda physician. Particularly in case of chronic cold, there are some beneficial medicated oils that need to be deeply inhaled along with the therapy.

Try some home remedies:

The juice extracted from the fresh fruit of Aamla is to be taken twice a day in a dose of 20 ml for the longevity of eyesight.
Regular intake of pepper powder with honey acts as a boon for recovering the diminished vision.
Rubbing the soles of the feet with mustard oil or ghee regularly may be of good help.
Being rich in vitamin A, mango is a boon for the eyes. A regular intake of mango during the season is recommended for recovery from eyestrain.
Fresh juice extracted from properly cleaned Rose petals is believed to improve the eye vision. This can be used both for external and internal purpose.
Take regularly approximately half to one-teaspoon powder of the herb of Liquorice twice daily along with cow’s milk to improve the failing vision. This is extremely beneficial for the eyes. It can also to be taken mixed with honey or ghee.

Dr. Sonica krishan is a consultant Ayurveda and physician in Chandigarh, India. She is the author of home cures books ‘Herbal Healers’ and ‘Home Remedies’ and may be contacted at drsonica@rediffmail.com or at +(91)92165-15317.

Note: Fresh fruit of Aamla (Indian gooseberry ) can be difficult to find in the USA. In that case dried Aamla can be taken approx. 2 to 3 grams mixed into half a spoonful of honey twice a day for longevity of vision.

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