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Prenatal Yoga for Round Ligament Pain

Walk into a birthing class, prenatal yoga class or anywhere two pregnant woman are talking –chances are besides the general discomforts like sleep issues, nausea, acidity they will be complaining of pain in groin area. There is a rubber band (Read round ligament) that gets stretched cuasing this pain. The function of the round ligament […]

Ayurveda and Wellness Lifestyle

Ayurveda is a systematic study of life based on one’s consciousness, mind, and physical balance. When we live in harmony to our Nature and with respect to the Nature around us, then we are attuned to our Higher Self — the larger order of things which has a plan that evolves perfectly. The key is […]

Ayurvedic versus Western Nutrition

WESTERN VERSUS AYURVEDIC NUTRITION Dietary management in western nutrition follows the US food guidelines, set forth by the FDA. Nutritionists help clients these guidelines to maintain healthy eating. The diet consists of various portions from different food groups. The good groups include “protein, grains, vegetables, fruits and dairy. Modifications are made to the guideline as […]

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Where is the whole grain after it has been genetically modified, harvested months or years in advance, bleached, processed, enriched, colored, molded and made into “low calorie”?

Ayurveda and natural rhythms of nature

In our body the fire element is exhibited by the digestion of food, transformation of thoughts into ideas,
The air manifests as atmosphere and the gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide, in the planet and manifests as the exchange of gases in our lungs. In the mind it manifests itself as creativity.
Space in the nature is important. Most important. All planets exist in space. Space in our body is the space in our stomach, our lungs, nerves. Without space element, our mind would be crowded by thoughts and we wont be able to function.

Regular Bowel Movements are the secret to Health

By Monica B Groover, PhD, PK A chiropractor friend recently told me, that he recently did muscle testing for a patient, and, found out that constipation and irregular elimination increased their symptoms. When his patients have regular bowel movements, their back pain seems diminished. Ayurveda believes that balanced elimination is KEY to good health. The […]

Sadhaka Pitta

“sadhaka pitta processes emotions into intelligence and sadhaka pitta in the heart processes emotions into love and compassion. If this functional integrity of sadhaka pitta in the brain and sadhaka pitta in the mind is affected,

Ayurveda and Soul

How does ayurveda define the soul and spirit? Don’t they both exist at a higher level of consciousness? Also, the textbook mentions that individual souls do not perceive other souls. Spirits perceive other spirits so why can’t souls? Are souls just a witness to the roles the mind plays? First, there are five elements. They […]

Cycle of Seasons and Ayurveda

Research Cycle of Seasons and Ayurveda by Zach Bubeck – Ayurveda Wellness Practitioner Student (San Diego College of Ayurveda) Tuesday, 23 August 2011, 10:19 PM Within the entire observable universe, the most common reoccurring shape is the circle. This pervasive shape reflects the cyclical nature of all things. Our galaxy along with others, rotates around […]

Ayurveda for the Eyes

Daily eyewash with rose water, cool water, cucumber juice is excellent for sensitive eyes. As daily routine, eyes need to be washed with cold water. It is also suggested that prior to this act, the mouth be filled with water. This would make the eyes protrude out and better cleansing can be accomplished.