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Bhaishajya Kalpana and Western Herbology Processes

The medicinal properties of the herb are extracted by the use of solvents, including alcohol, oil, water, vinegar, glycerin, and propylene glycol. Steam distillation and cold­pressing techniques are used to extract the essential oils. O

Ayurveda and Western Medicine

Ayurveda is a traditional medical system, over 5000 years old, that is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems. The goals of Ayurveda are to protect and maintain the equilibrium and health of an individual, and this is heavily rooted in concepts of disease prevention. Ayurveda recognizes that health is more than corporeal and that organisms are multilayered and all the layers play a role in health. Ayruveda also recognizes the position of the entity in the cosmos and the relationship between the entity and all other entities and higher powersas also being relevantfor good health. The origin of disease is believed to be related to negative karmic energy, not all of which is controlled by the self, but sometimes by external forces.

Ayurveda and Karma

There are three types of suffering or disease individuals are exposed to. Klesas is one of

the mind and body, meaning we internally have the ability to cause our own suffering unrelated

to viral or bacterial (environmental) causes.

Ayurveda and Paleo Diet-a Blog by SDCOA Student

One of the major difference between these 2 diets is that Paleo eats a lot of meat and Ayurveda prescribes a plant based diet with little to no meat consumption. In Ayurveda it is believed that lean meats and darker meats are rajasic and tamasic.

Ayurvedic Myplate

Ayurvedic MyPlate
As part of the Ayurvedic Myplate assignments- some of the Ayurvedic Myplates that were submitted
Batch21-JG AyurvedicMyplateforPitta_Batch21-JennyGriffith

Ayurveda and Yoga

By Jenna Lee (Block 1)
Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences that have grown and molded together for
thousands of

Dried Raisin Ayurvedic Chutney by James Boyd

By James Boyd, Block 1 Student
This is an original recipe made by me : ) I was out in

Ayurveda and UTI

Recently, one of our students asked me about UTI. (Urinary Tract Infection, an infection of Urinary Tract) during our session

Prenatal Yoga for Round Ligament Pain

The function of the round ligament is maintenance of the of the uterus during pregnancy. As the uterus grows in

Ayurveda and Wellness Lifestyle

Ayurveda is a systematic study of life based on one’s consciousness, mind, and physical balance. When we live in harmony

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