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Ayurveda and Memory

During a common cold, there is blockage of olfactory nerve there is a total loss of sensation of smell. This is very common example experienced by most of the people. Similarly, if there is any kind of blockage in the optic nerve, the sensation of visual experience will be blocked; auditory nerve will result in impaired listening etc. For acquiring the knowledge, the body uses 5 sense organs. Ears, Skin, Eyes, Tongue and Nose are collectively called sense organs. The sensations experienced by these sense organs are transmitted to the brain. The sensory nerves conduct messages through chemical transmission and then they are stored in the brain.

Maintaining Health during Season Change

cold dry day would even raise kapha. The year can be divided in two where we lose strength, stability, vitality and another when we build up those qualities. The year can also be described as the 6 seasons being separated in 2 adana (associated with the sun) and visarga (associated with the moon). Adana represents winter, spring and summer and visarga represents rain autumn and winter.

Ayurveda Udvartana

Udvartana means to elevate or to promote. In India, this treatment was done on brides before the wedding. Excellent for reducing edema, lymph drainage, rosacea, eczema, or any pitta skin conditions like adult acne..where ‘oil’ cannot be put on the body.

Yoga Therapy

That defeats the whole purpose of Yoga. Yoga is meant for overweight, obese, skinny, old, young, kids, seniors, arthritic….EVERYONE! Yoga therapy is great for both maintaining and generation health, no matter what your age, condition or fitness level.

Sankhya Philosophy In Ayurveda

Sankhya is a way of understanding the universe through the principles of subtle
energies and their interactions deļ¬ned in Bhagavata Purana, which is related to the
understanding of sakti (power) and saktiman (powerful) given in Vedanta.