Yoga Therapy Class

YOGA THERAPY uses various yoga postures, breathing techniques that are customized according to your 'dosha', or natural body constitution. This helps tackle specific health issues associated with your body type.

For example, a tall, thin, active, Vata body type who has a hard time relaxing, is always on the go, suffers from constipation may have specific breathing techniques and poses that help him or her ground themselves, and focus on lower abdomen and intestine ,so their constipation is alleviated.

Group Session Time ($15 per session)
Private Session - You choose the time and day! ($25 per session)

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YOGA for Stiff Joints

Yoga Therapy with a private instructor for frozen shoulder, muscular stiffness, mild arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, cervical pain.

Group Session ($15) - Group Session Time
Private sessions only ($25) - Choose your own day and time

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Discover a renewed sense of inner power and youthful radiance, while learning unique exercises that tone and sculpt your body and uplift your spirit. Ignite the sacred feminine and open the flow of creative energy. Focus is placed on massaging and slow, but, deep stretching with the help of a partner, or your instructor by moving naturally from the lower belly, with a special emphasis on opening the chakras. Explore new dimensions of natural beauty, confidence, and vitality.

Private sessions only ($25) - Choose your own day and time

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According to experts, yoga therapy must be accompanied by a specific diet plan, herbal supplements to achieve optimal and quick results to decrease health issues. It must also be done under a supervision of a health practitioner.

Ayurveda Yoga private and small group sessions at very reasonable rates for pre natal and post natal mothers, joint pains, Thyroid Issues, Frozen Shoulder, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Backpain, Cervical Issues, Bronchial Infections and Chronic Constipation.

Yoga therapy helps in rejuvenation of the body, and promotes healing after child birth, and any prolonged illness, or infection.

Our classes are designed for the individual or group with a therapeutic focus for a specific health condition e.g. heart, prenatal, constipation, joint pain, hypothyroidism and so on.

Ayurvedic yoga offers private and group classes with - mind and body yoga practice, customized to your own age, weight, height and health condition. Hence, most classes are private. And, even group classes are not more than 4.

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Classes begin November 1st, Monday 2010.

Class Sessions:

Monday 7.30 PM
Wednesday 9 AM
Friday 7.30 PM

Price: $15.00
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