Panchakarma means five fold method of purification of body, mind, karma followed by nourishment of body and senses. Panchakarma has three stages.

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Purvakarma - Pre Detoxification or preparing the body for detoxification with an herb plan and diet plan for one's dosha.
Sometimes, Ayurvedic snehanam (oil and ghee) are given at this time. External and Internal oleation is suggested for Vata persons. For Kapha, udvartana or herbal detoxification and dry herbs exfoliation is suggested along with herbs. Agni dipana or agni increasing herbs may be given at this time.

Panchakarma - This is divided further into shodhana, or, shamana. These can be called forceful expulsion and cleaning of doshas and ama, or pacification. Our focus is pacification or shamana. It is not shodhana. Shodhana can take upto 7 days or more, with two to three weeks of preparation.

Paschatkarma- These are post therapies stage which is to bring the physical and mental body back into normal routine. This is also the time when rasayanas or tonic herbs maybe given.
Ayurveda believes that body detoxifies naturally in Spring and Fall - so these CLEANSING therapies are offered twice a year.

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