»Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation, is a third step in our Karma Cleanse Meditation Program.

After learning different breathing techniques, and, use of yoga mudras, (powerful gestures); now, is the time to move onto powerful Vedic sounds (Beeja Mantras. These sounds are like tuning fork to our energetic bio electromagnetic field - and, help balance us immediately!

As Dr. Frawley mentioned in his book “Ayurveda and the Mind” Mantras serves like a boat to take us across the ocean of the unconscious. Mantra prepared meditation is easier, safer and more powerful than trying to meditate directly.

In Vedas, the ‘direction’ as well as the TIME of meditation is very important as well.

For example, early morning just before the sunrise –is the VATA time. Mind is light, full of clarity (If you are balanced!), then, benefits of meditation can be 10 fold.

Also, whenever ‘two’ times are meeting and becoming one- Morning and Night, Morning and noon as well as noon and evening.

We call it ‘SANDHYA’.

These specific times relate to different meditation.

Now, corelate a Kapha Mind, Pitta Mind and Vata Mind—Pitta should meditate in the morning, Kapha should meditate at noon and Vata early morning!