Organic Ghee with Herbs

These statements are not verified by FDA. This product is meant to diagnose, treat any disorder.

Ayurvedic Clarified Butter with Ayurvedic Herbs is used during Panchakarma therapies. This particular ghee is healing, infused with herbs and can be used internally as well as externally.*

Especially useful for Support of Vata disorders like constipation, tinnitus, insomnia, headache, and other vata related disorders like weight loss.

May also support pitta related disorders. Can be used for Massage during panchakarma therapies for rejevunation and detoxification. Must be followed by steam or formentation therapy for maximum benefit.

Please consult your Ayurvedic Practitioner, before, taking this ghee, if you have a specific health issue. Also, avoid, if you have Kapha type congestion.

Can also be taken as an Ayurvedic Herbal Supplement either on its own or in khitchri, soups.

9 oz. Clarified Butter bottle.

Used in Purva Karma therapies extensively.

Read more about Detox Therapies:

**These statements have not been verified by FDA. Ayurvedic herbs are not intended to diagnose or cure any disease.

*These statements have not been verified by the FDA

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