Marma Sports Massage

Ayurvedic Sports 'Marma' Massage

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Pay online to get a one hour sports marma massage. For walk ins, usual rate of $75 applies.

A signature treatment developed in India, this therapy is done fully clothed and on the floor. Yoga assisted movement and stretching is integrated with Ayurveda's version of acupressure and trigger point therapy. This is a gentle therapeutic massage that releases muscle soreness. It is the Ayurvedic version of Accupressure and uses 107 vital marma points, that are gently massaged in a circular stroke then pressed to release pain.

The marma massage can also be done with 'healing' oils that have anti inflammatory or analgesic qualities like ORGANIC MahaNarayanam Serum. Sometimes, pain relieving wraps or hot compresses with essential oils of ginger, rosemary and eucalyptus are used.

Kalaripayattam Masters use their hands, feet, fingers, thumbs as well as natural herbs that heal and reduce inflammation and pain.

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Price: $59.00
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