Ayurveda Herbs n Spice Set

Ayurveda Yoga is selling a Ayurveda Herbs and Spices Gift Pack - all in one. These carminative herbs are cleansing, aid digestion and excellent for cold weathers. They warm you up, while, making the food taste great! Some of these herbs stimulate Agni- the fire of digestive process, promote absorption of nutrients, helps eliminate ama, increase circulation, and dispel blockages of the subtle energy channels of the body.

Ayurveda Yoga's Herbs n Spice set include

2 oz. cumin seeds
2 oz. coriander powder
2 oz. mustard seeds
2 oz. turmeric powder
1 oz. mix of all spice, cinnamon, bay leaf powder, black pepper, and or mango powder
1 oz. ajwan

Price: $80.96
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