Panchakarma Package 2

Panchakarma Ayurvedic Therapy -

The total cost of Panchakarma 3-5 day program with ten therapies, consultation and a diet and herb plan is $549 onwards.

Panchakarma 5 day includes

1. Comprehensive Consultation for your body type
2. Customized Diet Plan
3. Herbs (included. Extra)
4. Following Therapies (depending on the Prakruti)

*Ayurvedic Head Massage x 2
*Ayurvedic Oleation Abhyanga massage (full body) x 2
*Ayurvedic Svedanam or sweat Therapies x2
*Shirodhara (Depending on the body constitution) x1
*Ayurvedic Nasya x 1
*Purgation with Herbs
*Vamanam and Virechanam Therapies x1
*Karnapurnam x 1
* Yoga Therapy x 3

You also get Ayurvedic Tea and Khichdi for these days.

Price: $549.00
SKU: pk_001