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30 Min Consultation

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This price is applicable for 30 Min Consultation FOR FOLLOW UPS. First time consults must be done in person.

Online Consultations are offered via Webex conference, Skype or by Phone.

First Time Consultations

1. You fill the forms, and, pay half or whole amount ($55 if paid in advance).

You scan and email the documents a day or so before visiting . Email:drmonica@ayurveda-california.org. Y

2.We will then set up a time at via SKYPE, WEBEX, or, phone. The consultation takes upto 30 minutes minimum. We do your Nadi (Pulse) biofeedback, Tongue Pariksha(Biofeedback), and, reflex biofeedbacks.

3. Post Consultation we may send you a Ayurvedic Dosha Plan for your imbalance along with herbs, lifestyle and Ayurvedic diet, daily plan.

How do PHONE consultations or 30 Min consults work

We meet in 2 or 3 weeks to follow up. If by phone, or, webex, you maybe required to send pictures. This costs $42.

Please download the forms below and send it to us.

Payment must be done in advance.

Price: $42.00
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