»Primary Cleanse

Primary Cleanse

Once your body and mind are prepared to receive healing- we focus on the FIVE SENSE (PANCHA KARMA) Healing. We want to bring all that metabolic waste upto one of the orifices of the body, and, eliminate them by nose, mouth, breath, sweat, and, stool.
Panchakarma offers therapies customized to different senses, or, regions. This is referred to as Pradhana Karma (PRIMARY cleanse)

Head and Nose Shiroabhyanga, Shirodhara, Nasya, Aromatherapy, Jala Neti
Ears: Karna Purnam, Shiroabhyanga or Head Massage, Shirodhara
Vata Issues: Dashamula, Triphala Tea and oil Bastis and Diet Plan
Pitta Issues: Purgative Herbs and Diet Plan, Massage with strong bitter herbal oils
Tongue and Mouth : Bitter Herbs, and, gargling herbal tea
Stomach : Purgation, herbal teas, digestive 'khichdi' gruel and Vamana Therapies for cleansing Kapha

Generic for all doshas: Abhyanga, Oil pulling, neti, nasya,and Svedanam

Pradhan Karma is the main cleansing procedure, which incorporates five basic cleansing methods.