»Pre Natal Pregnancy yoga

Pre Natal Pregnancy yoga

Coming Soon to South Austin

Small Group and Private Pre Natal classes. Even a group session will be not more than six pregnant ladies in one session.

We understand that Pregnancy comes with its quirks. You may be feeling queasy, not wanting to exercise, or your Harmones may be acting up.

So, we will provide small classes, and, give a choice of mid morning, afternoon or evening session on different days of the week.

We will customize the session for you. If you are feeling energetic, then, our teacher will give you more asanas. Low on energy - we might do breathing and meditation as well!

DONATION BASED. Suggested Donation- $12-$15

PM- Breathing Exercises for Pre Natal Women - All Trimesters.
AM - Trimester 1 and 2 - FLOOR EXERCISES, ASANAS for Trimester 1 and 2, Using Props and Pillows
- Breathing exercises, Hand Mudras, Asanas, Using Props and Pillow, Meditation for Trimester 3

Email: info@ayurveda-california.org