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What to Expect

Ayurveda believes that most health imbalance start either in the mind, or, from imbalanced Agni(Digestive Fire). Agni and imbalanced mind result in imbalanced Dosha, and, vice versa.

Ayurveda believes that if we can follow a lifestyle regimen, a diet protocol, meditation, yoga and take herbs that balance our unique dosha, and state of mind and 'Agni' - we'd achieve healing and balance. (Body, Mind and Spirit)

Types of Recommendations:

Our Ayurvedic Practitioner will create a personalized self-care program based on your Ayurvedic Anatomy, Physiology (Dosha, Prakruti and Imbalance).

Individualized Ayurveda recommendations may include:

1. Comprehensive consultation - We find your body type 'dosha', your vikruti or imbalance and your 'mind's personality and discuss your lifestyle.
2. Customized Diet Plan according to your 'dosha'
3. Supplements, Herbs recommended
3(b) Yoga and Meditation suitable for your dosha (if applicable)
4. Daily Regimen and Time Table
5. Detox Plan according to your dosha(if applicable)


Sometimes, the following therapies may be suggested (depending on the Prakruti).

*Ayurvedic Head Massage with customized Organic Herbal oil
*Ayurvedic Oleation Abhyanga massage (full body)
*Ayurvedic Svedanam or Sweat Therapies (If required or applicable)
*Shiro Abhyanga or Shirodhara(Depending on the body constitution)
*Ayurvedic Nasya (Depending on the requirement) OR
Ayurvedic Foot Detoxifying Treatment OR

*Karnapurnam or Pain Management Treatment with Mahanarayan Thailam on joints (Depending on the requirement) OR

* Stress reduction Coaching (Meditation, Pranayama Yoga Breathing, Balancing Health with Time Management, Mantras, Yoga)
* Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy for your 'body type' customized for you

Download consultation forms:

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