MahaBhringuraj Oil

This 2 pack Organic Shirodhara Oil, can be used to support Insomnia, and, stress.

It is said to support hairfall, headache and insomnia therapy. Each 4 oz pack should last for Two-Four treatments. So, you get 6-8 treatments from this pack.

Ingredients include organic sesame oil, Organic Brahmi, Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Rosemary, and Organic Bhringuraj, an Ayurvedic Herb which has been used for Insomnia and stress in India for centuries.

We also suggest you take Bhringuraj Powder Supplement along with the oil, in order to help insomnia. We also send a free packet of this herb, dependent on availability.

For a custom blend, and, wholesale enquries for gallon of insomnia oil, please email

Restores balances, destresses and helps with nervous imbalances, sunburn and heat in the body as well. Balances the Brahmarundhra Chakra on the Head and Ajna Chakra on the Forehead. Not only relaxes, and lulls you into sleep, but also brings clarity of mind.

Excellent for conditioning the hair.

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