Class Location

Yoga classes held at:
Ayurveda Wellness Center
725 N Quince St., Suite 108
Escondido, Ca 92025

Class Descriptions


Vinyasa is a flowing yoga class using the conscious connection of breathing and movement. A variety of sun salutations and intermediate poses are included.

This class is designed for all trimesters and postpartum women.


Restorative yoga focuses on breathing, gentle stretching, balancing and relaxation. Yoga props are used and most poses are done on the floor and held longer than traditional hatha yoga classes. By the end of this yoga class muscle tension is released and the nervous system is calmed.


Classical yoga poses and their modifications are used for those who prefer a gentler practice. Each Gentle Yoga class is tailored based on the needs of the participants. A slower pace offers a deeper integration of both relaxation and smooth flowing energy.

Class Prices

All Classes

$14 Single class
$110 class series of 10
Seniors (62+)

$10 single class
$ 80 class series of 10

About Valerie - Your Yoga Teacher

Valerie Miller started practicing yoga more than twenty years ago as an approach to reducing stress. After a few years of attending a class that was led by an audio recorder she wanted to deepen her practice and learn more about yoga. In 1994, she completed her first yoga teacher training at White Lotus Foundation and two years later she was trained in Integrated Yoga Therapy under Joseph Le Page. She then taught a weekly yoga class in Fresno California before relocating to the San Diego area. After relocation, she worked full time and was raising a teenage son, yet she steadily practiced ashtanga yoga with a variety of teachers trained by Tim Miller.

After fifteen years of working as a Registered Dietitan/ Nutrition Education Coordinator for a public health program her life took a shift in new direction. Building on her desire to be of service to people she decided to expand her career by teaching yoga. By fate or chance she met her master yoga teacher Susan Griego O’Connor, completed a yoga teacher training program and immediately started teaching.

Valerie brings an integrated practice into her teaching. She strives to make each class complete blending asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) and guided relaxation/meditation so that each person receives the ultimate yoga experience.

Since 2006, she has been dedicated to the practice of passage meditation developed by Eknath Easwaran.

She also holds a California teaching credential and taught health at the high school level. Her teaching experience also includes training many dietitians and nutritionists in group education and individual counseling.